West Athletes Lending A Helping Hand

“Lending a helping hand” Recently some of our HSW students were asked to help out a  neighbor who at 48 and was just diagnosed with Stage II pancreatic cancer. Without any hesitation,  10 Smithtown West athletes (8 are basketball players) went to the home together and  raked  the property clean of leaves. 

Blood Drive

The Importance of Donating Blood

Lifesaving Blood The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give blood.™ The American Red Cross is the nation’s largest blood collection organization, supplying approximately 40 percent of the blood and blood products used in our country. Schedule an Appointment Approximately 5.6 million blood donations are collected by the Red Cross each year. Roughly 3.3 …

Leadership Halloween

HSW Leadership Class Celebrates Halloween

Life Skills and Leadership Activity Friday October 31st, Halloween Party in our library periods 8 and 9 was a huge success!!!  It was a wonderful experience for all those involved in the event.  This party/get-together was for our Leadership students and our Life Skills students.  It gave both groups an opportunity to interact with each …